BOOBS - the truth about breast implants


Two questions I get asked a lot: 

What size are your boobs and who did them?

Its ok to ask and I don't mind sharing. I am actually flattered that ladies enjoy my boobs that much. I have some girls tell me they bring my picture in to their plastic surgeon's office. I'm happy to help and answer any questions! But here are some things to consider BEFORE you decide to get your tatas done. 

The reason I wanted them -

I didn't wake up one morning and think "Hey! i kind of want implants". In fact if I had it my way I would have never have gotten them. I LOVE the look of natural boobs. Buttttt god has a sense of humor and gave me mismatched breasticles (thats my nickname for them). One breast was a B cup on a good day and the other was a small C. Not cute. 

When I turned 23 I used the money that I had saved and went to a consultation. We decided a small C tear drop would be perfect. At the time Silicone was still kinda sketchy to me so I chose saline. Saline is also a good beginning implant to introduce to your body. I believe everyone gets silicone nowadays though. Which looks and feels wayyyyy better than saline.

So yea, we had to use two different size implants since my chesticles (you can also use this name) were not equal in size. I chose to have it inserted under the boob and under the muscle. I knew I wanted kids so I had to make sure I could breast feed. You hear all these ways doctors can put the implant in. Under the boob, take off the nipple (OW!), through the armpit, thought the belly button??! I kept it simple. Watch, Id be the one to have an issue with bellybutton failure.

Surgery went smoothly and the recovering time wasn't bad at all. I actually thought it would be awful so I scheduled my favorite nail tech to come pamper me 4 days after. Honestly, I was fine 2 days after and was walking around no problem. Just a little sore. Did it have something to do with bomb painkillers? Perhaps. 

Everyone says they wish they would have gone bigger. Trust me, YOU will say that. I was so upset that I didn't go bigger. What an idiot I was. Less than one year later I found out I was pregnant with Kyler and boy did I get what I asked for. My boobs were HUGE. Like F status. Maybe because they didn't get the chance to officially settle but shit, they were ginormous!

After breastfeeding, Kyler turned my boobs into tennis balls in a tube sock. Over the shoulder- boulder- holder for sure. They were GROSS. I made an appointment with Dr. Frank Stile in las vegas for new boobs. He is a warlock because how he transformed my boobs HAD to be done by magic. I still to this day don't want to see the before pics we took. 

Now...this time when I got my boobs done we went with silicone and because I had soooo much skin from breastfeeding, staying a C cup wasn't an option. I had to go D/DD. I was so sad. I didn't want a lift because of the scar it leaves so that was my only option. I believe the CCs were 380 and 410.

These boobs have been through some shit and they are warriors. 

My advice to women out there is to reallllllly think about the next 10 years. Do you want kids? Do you have 10-20k handy ? Will you want D cups in 8-10 years? You can always wear a push up bra to make them bigger but trust me when I say its hard to make DDs on a small frame look conservative. I WISH I had my cute perky Cs again. Especially being a mom and being over 30.

Do your research and really think about long term. Go to a few consultations and listen to the doctor you end up choosing when they say what will look good on your body. Breast implants should be switched out every 10 years so you don't wanna stretch them out too much that you will need a lift later on. 

Hope this helps if you are pondering getting your boobs done. Dr. Stile is amazing and I highly recommend him because I've seen some BAD boob jobs. This is not a sponsored post. This is just honest talk from ya girl because i gotta.....keep it real !!