SuperMOM? I mean... Some days.

Let's talk Parenting.

How do we do it? There is no manual when they pop out and no matter how many books we read, life throws us curveballs non stop. We want to pull our hair out one minute and the next we thank the Lord above for our miracle(s). So how do we balance it all? Especially when you're a single parent? Now, I am fortunate to have a good relationship with my son's father (trust me it wasn't always like that) but Kyler is with me 6 days a week. I work full time and his schedule is pretty full too. Some things that help me feel semi balanced is finding activities we both like to do. Batting cages, Mini Golf, movies, Paint a dream Etc. We look online to see whats coming up in LA that weekend and plan it out ! Another great thing are playdates ! When you need to run errands or work, try and see if another mom can watch the kiddos and then you'll take em next time! You need to be able to feel like a normal human while raising your little ones and feel so overwhelmed. I'll share more of our activities or how we pass time on future posts!